Thousands of years after setting out on a voyage of galactic discovery, the Unquiet Spirit returns to Earth.
The planet is renewed, pristine. The human population is down to just one man. Razed almost totally is the legacy of the human age.

A rusted ship drifts in a fjord, its hold full of the ancient dead. And a letter, miraculously preserved, provides a key to the past.

But what is that past? Is it the Dublin of George Holden, where climatic and political catastrophe mean the only hope of survival is a trek across a devastated land?

Or is it Dublin Far City, shimmering capital of the world, set in the salt desert at the foot of the African Wall?

Either way, the world seems to be coming to its end…



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    Gareth Power: Cogent stuff. Tragically, in addition to the "zombie government", there is also a zombie opposition.

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