Been a while since I did one of these.

An extremely short vignette thing, probably too obscure in nature for anyone but myself. Still, you never know.


Intriguing Fragment on Ancient Musician


One of the most interesting document fragments recovered this week by the Deep Time Recovery project is a reference to an ancient musician.

Full text follows:


“I was very disturbed by the soul filament thing,” says McCartney. “It really affected me. It made me want to reconnect with my past.”

McCartney, born over 1300 years ago in the island of Britain, was one of the most famous people in the world during his primary lifetime.

He was a composer and performer initially with an ensemble called The Beatles, and later as a solo artist. A measure of how significant the ensemble was in that era is that their name still persists in our language even today as both a noun and a verb. [dictionary reference]

“I’ve tried to go all the way back to the styles of the time,” says McCartney. “It’s quite rhythmic, you know. Maybe not something many people will take to now, but I like it. I find that I like it again. And I’m singing in the language as it was then. As much as I can remember of how it was.”

McCartney was lucky to survive the soul filament crisis. He was found seriously injured in the aftermath, in the wild countryside close to his home.

“Just like anyone affected by the crisis, it made me think. I thought about what I am, what any of us are. Not sure we’re any the wiser even now, by the way. But I found stuff churning up out of my deepest memories, the faces of old friends appearing before me quite vividly, the sounds of those earliest times. And there was a song lyric I remembered, just a simple thing about ‘long may your inspiration last’, something like that. And it made me remember, you know, hey, I was a musician once. Quite a good one. Suddenly I wanted to get back to it.”


Although the fragment’s main importance is as another partial corroboration of accounts of the Soul Filament Crisis, perhaps the most interesting aspect of it is the unexpected morsel of insight it gives us into an even more ancient era, the time of the musician’s birth.

So far, Deep Time Recovery has failed to discover any archives from that time containing retrievable information.

But one verifiable fact is that the name ‘Beatles’ still persists in language today in various guises, referring to a number of quite diverse things.

We now know it is of quite astoundingly ancient origin.