“Aurora” by Kim Stanley Robinson

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“Aurora” by Kim Stanley Robinson is the kind of book that justifies the existence of science fiction. Dealing with the journey to Tau Ceti by a colony spacecraft with 2000…

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anvil of stars

“Anvil of Stars” by Greg Bear

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This science fiction novel by Greg Bear is among my all-time favourite books. In my opinion, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s the sequel to the enigmatic and fairly nihilistic…

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The Helliconia Trilogy: A Science Fiction Classic

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I think that the classic “Helliconia” trilogy by Brian Aldiss is one of the greatest works of science fiction, and quite possibly the greatest of all time. Written in the…

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  1. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: RT @marceldirsus: Value for money. In the end, we all benefit. (Politico)

  2. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: Just thought of a top idea for a stock picture: Person enjoying a natural setting by sticking their arms out. Could…

  3. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: Reading stuff to the effect that The Last Jedi is a paean to moral relativism, a reorientation of the franchise for…

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    Gareth Power: This ought to be pasted verbatim into future history books. No better way to make the coming generations understand…

  5. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: Tolstoy expanding on the basic "personal stereos and third-level education" theory first set out by John Giles.