At the Edge of the Game: A Science Fiction Novel

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Thousands of years after setting out on a voyage of galactic discovery, the Unquiet Spirit returns to Earth. The planet is renewed, pristine. The human population is down to just one man….

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  1. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: Frank Luntz says current polarisation in America dates from disputed 2000 election, but what about rejection of BClinton legitimacy by some?

  2. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: "The Weaponisation of Stupidity": That's what I would title my book on the current era, if I was remotely qualified to write such a book.

  3. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: "Unpack", "relitigate", "speak to", "concerning", "irregardless". The world is going to hell.

  4. Gareth Power
    Gareth Power: People talk of "Millennials" like they were some sort of flipping tribe. Including themselves. I feel no tribal affiliation to Generation X.

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    Gareth Power: RT @20committee: The West doesn't know what to do about Russian spies, their rancid lies & Kremlin agents of influence. Warsaw does. https…